Google Pixel 6 Pro May Have Been Leaked in Video






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Google managed to get ahead of any leaks by announcing new devices in August. To nobody’s surprise, the phones were powered by Tensor Processing Units. However, some leaks recently suggest that there is a prototype version of the Pixel 6 Pro in the wild. This video from ‘Thisistechtoday’ seems to show a pre-production model with a triple camera array on the rear.

To this end, Google has not been shy about what the device will look like (and virtually popped dummy units in NYC store). Until now, any prototypes we’ve seen have matched with what we can imagine so far. This strange thing seems to be the only anomaly. The phone in this video must have a hole-punch selfie camera and all of its buttons are located on the right side.

On the Pixel 6 Pro, Google shared renders of a device that had a metallic/glossy rail around the camera bar. However, this video’s phone features that same type of rail as well. It’s difficult to say for sure in this footage

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There are many phones that have been shown off in leaked photos and videos, but this video is notable because you can see the screen powered on. Other than this new ad, we haven’t seen much of what the Pixel 6 or 6 Pro will look like with a working display. Though the initial setup of a Pixel 6 Pro is rather dull, with a similar-looking Android 12 setup screen, it does come with a 6.7 inch QHD+ screen with a 120Hz refresh rate.

Google is yet to announce anything officially, but we’re expecting it to come out early next year. Things will probably be kicking off soon – it’s probably going to happen sometime in October.

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